Stellar Project

Stellar After School has partnered with Apollo After School to add a one of a kind STEM component to our after school enrichment program and run a Stellar Project for kids. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities provide students with opportunities to learn through hands on problem solving.

These activities play an important role in the development of students’ conceptual and critical thinking skills while providing opportunities for students to work as a team.

STEM activities show students how different skills and subjects complement one another, which helps create a foundation and understanding of how skills will be used in the future workforce.

All of the activities in the Stellar Project use clear instructions, child friendly tools and manipulatives, and lots of time to experiment through trial and error. These lessons are paced out in a way where students have time to dive deep into their learning and form a clear understanding of how to successfully complete their activities.

The STEM lessons in the Stellar Project take subjects that students may not always find the most fun – and turns them into lessons that students do not want to miss!

During Stellar Project lessons students learned about:

  • Crazy contraptions
  • Gears and Pulleys
  • Grabbers and reaching tools
  • Launchers
  • Racers, cars, and sails

So what do our teachers have to say about the Stellar Project?

I think the activities are great. Students like making the machines and using tools. There are really cool materials and projects. They are fun to teach!” – Peter Hanneman

The Kids really enjoyed them!” – Deepal Shah

Still curious about the Stellar Project? Check out these photos to see the STEM lessons in action!